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Chien-Shun Wang (王建順)

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Chien-Shun Wang(王建順)


學歷 國防醫學院醫學系
經歷 現職:
  1. 2017- 迄今 台北榮民總醫院 骨科部 主治醫師
  1. 2009- 2014 台北榮民總醫院 骨科部 住院醫師
  2. 2015- 2016 台北榮民總醫院 骨科部 研究醫師
  3. - 台北榮民總醫院鳳林分院 主治醫師
  1. 足踝疾病 ; 足踝重建
  2. 骨折創傷
  1. 中華民國骨科專科醫師


1. Treatment of displaced distal clavicle fractures with a single cortical screw

HH Lin, CS Wang, CF Chen, CC Chiang, CK Huang, WM Chen, CL Liu

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2. Bone–prosthesis composite with rotating hinged-knee prosthesis in limb salvage surgery for high-grade sarcoma around the knee

CS Wang, PK Wu, CF Chen, WM Chen, CL Liu, TH Chen

The Journal of arthroplasty 30 (1), 90-94 (SCI First Author)

3. Radiographic evaluation of ankle joint stability after calcaneofibular ligament elevation during open reduction and internal fixation of calcaneus fracture

CS Wang, YH Tzeng, CC Lin, CK Huang, MC Chang, CC Chiang

Foot & ankle international 37 (9), 944-949 (SCI First Author)

4. Nonpalpable intramuscular hemangioma treated with hookwire localization and excision

CS Wang, PK Wu, HJ Chiou, CF Chen, WM Chen, CL Liu, TH Chen

Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 77 (8), 426-429 (SCI First Author)

5. Atypical mycobacterial spondylitis as a challenging differential diagnosis to metastatic disease of the spine: a case report

CS Wang, SW Feng, LJ Huang, JK Yu, MC Chang, ST Wang, CL Liu

European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology 23 (2), 135-139 (First Author)

6. Comparison of the adjacent-level fracture rate between instrumented fusion plus vertebroplasty and vertebroplasty alone in osteoporotic spine

CS Wang, HH Lin, JK Yu, MC Chang, ST Wang, CL Liu

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