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Chien Chen (陳倩)

Chien Chen(陳倩)


經歷 現職:
  1. - 迄今 台北榮民總醫院主治醫師
  2. - 迄今 國立陽明大學醫學院講師
  1. 癲癇症之治療
  2. 腦電波
  3. 癲癇手術之術前評估



1. Clinical management of epilepsy

2. Pre-surgical evaluations for epilepsy

3. Study of malformation of cortical development

4. Study of EEG electrophysiology

Awards and Honors

2015國家生技醫療品質獎【特色醫療組銅獎】: 北榮癲癇外科手術多領域治療團隊

Selected Publications

1. Chen C, Yen DJ, Yiu CH, Shih YH, Yu HY, Su MS. Ictal vomiting in partial seizures of temporal lobe origin. Eur Neurol 1999; 42: 235-239.

2. Yen DJ, Chen C, Shih YH, Guo YC, Liu LT, Yu HY, Kwan SY, Yiu CH. Antiepileptic drug withdrawal in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy undergoing presurgical video-EEG monitoring. Epilepsia 2001; 42: 251-255.

3. Yu HY, Yiu CH, Yen DJ, Chen C, Guo YC, Kwan SY, Lin YY, Shih YH. Lateralizing value of early head turning and ictal dystonia in temporal lobe seizures: a video-EEG study. Seizure 2001; 10: 428-432.

4. Chen C, Shih YH, Yen DJ, Lirng JF, Guo YC, Yu HY, Yiu CH. Olfactory auras in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Epilepsia 2003; 44(2): 257-260.

5. Yen DJ, Chung WY, Shih YH, Chen C, Lirng JF, Yiu CH, Yu HY, Su TP, Pan DH. Gamma knife radiosurgery for the treatment of recurrent seizures after incomplete anterior temporal lobectomy. Seizure. 2009; 18(7): 511-514.

6. Lin JH, Shyu HY, Chen C, Kwan SY, Wong TT, Chang KP, Yiu CH. Reflex absence epilepsy induced by gait. Epilepsy Behav. 2011; 22(2): 395-7.

7. Shyu HY, Lin JH, Chen C, Kwan SY, Yiu CH. An atypical case of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome not associated with mental retardation: A nosological issue.Seizure 2011; 20(10): 820-3.

8. Lin JH, Chen C, Shyu HY, Kwan SY, Yiu CH. Stimulus-induced rhythmic, periodic, or ictal discharges - A case report. Clin Neurol Neurosurg. 2012; 114(9): 1283-6.

9. Yang TF, Chen HH, Liang ML, Chen C, Chiu JW, Wang JC, Lai CJ, Liao KK, han RC. Intraoperative brain mapping to identify corticospinal projections during resective epilepsy surgery in children with congenital hemiparesis.Childs Nerv Syst. 2014; 30(9):1559-64.

10. Chen HH, Chen C, Hung SC, Liang SY, Lin SC, Hsu TR, Yeh TC, Yu HY, Lin CF, Hsu SP, Liang ML, Yang TF, Chu LS, Lin YY, Chang KP, Kwan SY, Ho DM, Wong TT, Shih YH. Cognitive and epilepsy outcomes after epilepsy surgery caused by focal cortical dysplasia in children: early intervention maybe better.Childs Nerv Syst. 2014; 30(11):1885-95.