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李函叡 (Han-Jui Lee)


  • 學歷
    • 臺北醫學大學 醫學系 學士
  • 經歷
    • - 迄今 臺北榮民總醫院 榮科影像中心 主治醫師
    • - 迄今 國立陽明大學 醫學系 助理教授
    • - 臺北榮民總醫院 放射線部/神經放射線科 主治醫師
    • - 臺北榮民總醫院 放射線部 住院醫師
  • 醫療專長
    1. 全身磁振造影
    2. 胎兒磁振造影
    3. 癲癇影像
    4. 神經放射影像診斷
  • 證照
    中華民國醫師證書 中華民國放射線專科醫師證書 中華民國神經放射線專科醫師證書


  論文題名 著者 起始頁 結束頁 出版年 期刊
1 Influence of stenting with open-cell stents vs close-cell stents on the outcomes of patients with bilateral carotid stenosis HJ Lee, FC Chang*, CB Luo, WY Guo 82 1 66 71 2019 J Chin Med Assoc
2 Automatic flow analysis of digital subtraction angiography using independent component analysis in patients with carotid stenosis HJ Lee, JS Hong, CJ Lin*, YH Kao, FC Chang, CB Luo, WF Chu 12 9 e0185330   2017 PLoS One
3 MRI features of pediatric intracranial germ cell tumor subtypes CC Wu, WY Guo, FC Chang, CB Luo, HJ Lee, YW Chen, YY Lee, TT Wong 134 1 221 230 2017 J Neurooncol. 
4 A comparison of central nervous system involvement in patients with classical Fabry disease or the later-onset subtype with the IVS4+919G>A mutation HJ Lee, TR Hsu, SC Hung*, WC Yu, TH Chu, CF Yang, S Bizjajeva, CM Tiu, DM Niu* 17 25     2017 BMC Neurol
5 Thyroid transcription factor-1 distinguishes subependymal giant cell astrocytoma from its mimics and supports its cell origin from the progenitor cells in the medial ganglionic eminence JF Hang, CY Hsu, SC Lin, CC Wu, HJ Lee, DM Ho 30 3 318 328 2017 Mod Pathol.
6 Evolutionary magnetic resonance appearance of renal cell carcinoma after percutaneous cryoablation HJ Lee, HJ Chung, HK Wang, SH Shen*, YH Chang, CK Chen, HP Chou, YY Chiou 89   20160151   2016 Brit J Radiol
7 Brain MR imaging findings of cardiac type Fabry disease with an IVS4+919G>A mutation HJ Lee, SC Hung, TR Hsu, SC Ko, CM Tiu, CC Huang, DM Niu*, CP Lin* 37 6 1044 1049 2016 Am J Neuroradiol
8 Later Onset Fabry Disease, Cardiac Damage Progress in Silence: Experience With a Highly Prevalent Mutation, TR Hsu, SC Hung, FP Chang, WC Yu, SH Sung, CL Hsu, I Dzhagalov I, CF Yang, TH Chu , HJ Lee, YH Lu, SK Chang, HC Liao, HY Lin, TC Liao, PC Lee, HY Li, AH Yang, HC Ho, CC Chiang, CY Lin, RJ Desnick, DM Niu 13 68 2554 2563 2016 J Am Coll Cardiol
9 Pretreatment diagnosis of suprasellar papillary craniopharyngioma and germ cell tumors of adult patients HJ Lee, CC Wu, HM Wu, SC Hung, JF Lirng, CB Luo, FC Chang*, WY Guo 36   508 517 2015 Am J Neuroradiol 
10 Endovascular Management of Post-irradiated Carotid Blowout Syndrome FC Chang*, CB Luo, JF Lirng, CJ Lin, HJ Lee, CC Wu, SC Hung, WY Guo 10 10 e0139821   2015 PLoS ONE
11 胎兒影像學診斷 2: 全身系統病例精選 (2015-2018)  (作者)周昱青、李函叡、余思賢、夏敬淇、(監修)郭萬祐、張東曜         2019  
12 胎兒影像學診斷 : 中樞神經系統病例精選 (作者)林丹薇、沈書慧、李函叡、王若婷、(監修)郭萬祐、張東曜         2015 ELSEVIER